Celebrating 49 Years of Service!

Celebrating 49 Years of Service!


This past Sunday, February 11th, marked a significant milestone for the Resource Center for Disability Solutions (RCDS) – 49 years of empowering individuals with disabilities and connecting them to vital resources across Brevard and Indian River Counties!

For nearly five decades, we’ve been a pillar of support for people of all ages and abilities, advocating for inclusion, fostering independence, and helping them navigate the challenges and opportunities life presents. But our journey doesn’t end here!

As we gear up for our 50th anniversary next year, we’re not just celebrating our past accomplishments, but also looking forward to an even brighter future. And we want to hear from you – the individuals and communities we serve.

How can we help you today?

Whether you’re seeking:

  • Employment support: From job training and placement to resume writing and interview skills workshops, we can help you find meaningful work that aligns with your goals and abilities.
  • Guidance on disability services: We can connect you with a wealth of resources and programs specifically designed to support individuals with disabilities, ensuring you have the tools and assistance you need.
  • Information and resources: Our knowledgeable team can answer your questions, provide referrals, and help you navigate the often-complex landscape of disability services and support options.

We are here for you.

Our dedicated team of professionals is passionate about making a difference in the lives of individuals and families with disabilities. We believe everyone is empowered to reach their full potential, and we’re committed to providing the support and resources necessary to achieve that.

Don’t hesitate to reach out:

We Are Excited To Be Approaching Our 50th Year of Service

“As we celebrate and go into our 49th year of service, it is my honor to greet you and thank you for your trust and support through the years. Always trusting us to provide resources and guidance for reaching goals that represent independence in the lives of those we serve. As we look back and see how our mission has stayed the course, we are thankful for the various ways we have been able to serve the community.

We are excited to be fast approaching our 50 years of service to the community and celebrate with those that have walked alongside us  and those that have supported us through our work.

Steadfast on our vision: for all people with disabilities to achieve their personal, professional and educational goals through the use of resources that promote choice and independence.”

– Executive Director, Rose Miles 

Success Stories

Joann’s Story (55 years old, Cocoa, FL Consumer):

Joann felt lost and alone, battling addiction and struggling to find her place. We didn’t give up on her, offering counseling, support groups, and resources to help her heal. Today, Joann is living a fulfilling life, free from addiction and ready to pursue her dreams. She credits RCDS with helping her feel valued and empowered.

Sheila’s Story (67 years old, Melbourne, FL Consumer):

After losing her husband and facing health challenges, Sheila found herself homeless and overwhelmed. We provided her with an electric wheelchair, easing her mobility, and tirelessly advocated for her housing needs. Today, Sheila is settled in a safe and comfortable home, her spirit renewed thanks to RCDS’s unwavering support.


One in four adults in the United States has a disability. That’s why Resource Center for Disability Solutions is here to help you find and secure the services that help you day in and day out. We believe that the best way to make a positive impact in your life is through a long-term relationship of collaboration that ensures you know the disability services and support available to you so you can effectively manage every aspect of your life.

Our Mission: To provide services and programs promoting independence for all people with disabilities.

Brevard County
571 Haverty Court Suite A
Rockledge, FL 32955
Phone: 321-633-6011

Indian River County
1400 27th Street Room 208
Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: 772-774-3060

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